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The Safety Zone  is a substance driven site on aggressive behavior at home for use by both survivors and potential aides; it made its introduction in February 1997, and I've been gradually adding to it since. 
I worked in the field of domestic violence for more than 20 years---my whole adult and quasi-adult life. As of July 2001, I'm treating myself to some time off from full-time work so I can just relax and enjoy my son's first years. But I'm continuing to do some private consulting on the side, specializing in professional training, policy and program development related to improving responses to chemically-involved battered women. If you're interested in the detailed story of the past 20 years of my work life, you can view my professional resume. 
Stemming from my experiences working in both fields, I have a particular interest in the connection and "dis-connection" between partner violence and substance abuse. From 1988 until July 2001, I worked for the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV), an independent state agency dedicated to the provision of professional training, and policy development and implementation on partner violence. When I first began at OPDV, I was able to devote a lot of my time to developing a Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse Project that included the provision of training, technical assistance, and policy development and implementation to substance abuse treatment agencies, employee assistance professionals, and domestic violence programs across New York state.
One of my last projects before leaving OPDV was the development of the OPDV web site which went live on November 4, 1999. The site provides comprehensive information on domestic violence in general as well as DV as it relates to criminal justice, health and human services, coordinated community responses, and the workplace. There is also help for survivors including comprehensive information on DV, safety planning, how to get help from the police and the courts and a county by county list of New York State domestic violence resources. The site also provides New York State and federal legislative summaries and ordering information for OPDV publications and outreach materials. Not surprisingly, The Safety Zone links liberally to the OPDV page. Why do over what you already got paid to do the first time?