Domestic Violence: Finding Safety and Support

A Hammer Award-winning guide for both survivors and helpers with up-to-date information about the problem of adult domestic violence, safety planning, and getting help from domestic violence services, the police, and the courts.

Social Security Administration Provides Assistance to Victims of Domestic Violence

Provides instructions to victims who want to establish new identities on how to apply for a new Social Security Number.

Battered Women and HIV/AIDS

A brief overview of the connections between domestic violence and HIV/AIDS.

Domestic Abuse and Men Who Batter: Facts for Women

Important information about batterers and batterers intervention.

What is an Order of Protection?

Basic information about Orders of Protection for both the defendant/respondent and the victim/petitioner.

Domestic Violence: Not an Even Playing Field

Richard Gelles response to the widespread misuse and distortion of his research on familial violence. Conclusion: Equating male and female violence in the family is inaccurate and misogynistic.

Talk:Developing a Coordinated Community Response

Everyone has a role to play in ending domestic violence. Find out what you can do.