Model Domestic Violence Policy for Counties:New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence
Guidelines for employers and those working in the criminal justice, legal, judicial, health, substance abuse, mental health, child welfare, and education systems.

How Can I Help?
"Do's and Don'ts" of providing supportive assistance to battered women.

Interventions With Survivors
A four step framework for providing supportive and empowering assistance to battered women.

Responses as Guides to Action:Working with Victims of Domestic Vioelnce
A handout that provides concrete suggestions for responding to the emotional responses common both to victims of domestic violence and those who try to assist them.

RADAR: A Domestic Violence Intervention
A brief guide to interventions with victims in the health care setting.

Physician's Reference Card
A more extensive version of the above listed RADAR card.

Batterers Intervention Programs Checklist
A checklist to help you identify batterers intervention programs that prioritize victim safety and offender accountability.

Do Batterers' Programs Work?
A paper by Jeffrey L. Edleson, University of Minnesota, that examines the complexities of answering this question.